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Rodney Powell has crafted a grounded tale teeming with history and political intrigue.  Interweaved into this character drama are themes of economics, clashing ideologies, envy, strife, and the redemption found through Christ Jesus.  THE PARDON is a visceral, poignant read that demands to be shared with others!


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THE PARDON is a real “page-turner,” complete with twists and turns in the plot that makes it a rollicking good read!  Rodney Powell has written a novel that tells a compelling story … and unashamedly draws its inspiration from the Greatest Story ever shared with mankind.


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Not often, but sometimes a book will haunt you after reading it. THE PARDON is that kind of book. Not only is it a great story (once I started it, I couldn’t put it down), it is one I will probably think about for the rest of my life. If you just like an incredible story, read THE PARDON. You’ll love it and the skill with which it is written. But if you want to know what’s really important in life, this book is a double gift.


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A masterful blend of fact, fiction, and faith — of history and a lesson for younger people of what Cuba’s “paradise” and the true nature of Communism looks like.


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A nation fighting for its soul.  Our answer — Christ Jesus.  This novel offers a window into life in Castro’s Cuba.  Meanwhile, a dangerous movement is remaking the United States into a Marxist-Socialist society.  If they have their way, what will life in America be like?  Read THE PARDON, and you will find out!

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So vivid are the Cuban places and persons, that you might mistake Rodney Powell for having been there to witness the tumultuous events of the Castro takeover and tragic aftermath.  That Powell is able to use the moment to offer the grace of God in such a poignant tale is a tribute to his mastery of plot and prose.


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I read every word of THE PARDON.  Infused with Christian themes, it’s faith, entertainment, education — all in one.  Especially in today’s world, reading of God’s glory and grace is spiritually refreshing — this speaks of our one true hope.

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A powerful and timely lesson from an unfortunate history that we ignore at our peril.  Strong writing and deep research yield a fast-paced narrative and a ringing call to recognize and nurture our freedoms, before it’s too late.

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